1. Old Souls

From the recording Old Souls

There will never be a song as good as Old Souls. I fell in love with it at the same time I fell in love and lost someone very precious to me. Every time I sing it it reminds me that someday we will be together. I discovered it in the oddest of places, a movie called Phantom of the Paridise, an irreverent, yet brilliant "rock' version of Phantom of the Opera/Dorian Gray, directed by Brian De Palma, music written by Paul Williams. (The Carpenters) Jessica Harper sings Old Souls walking down a T-shaped stage of lights. Just like my favorite movies: Somewhere in Time, (Jane Seamore and Christopher Reeves with 'Rhapsody On A Theme' by Paganini), Made in Heaven (Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis and the song 'We Never Danced' by Neil Young performed by the Motels), Jane Eyre, (Orson Wells and Joan Fonntain), and The Lake House, (Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock with music by Paul McCartney, 'This Never Happened Before') they are tragic stories with happy endings. I hope mine will be too.


Our love is an old love baby, it's older than all our years.
I've seen in strange young eyes familiar tears.
We're old souls in a new life baby, they gave us a new life to live and learn.
Some time to touch old friends and still return.
Our paths have crossed and parted
This love affair was started, long, long ago.
Our love survives the ages in it's story lives are pages,
Fill them up may they turn slow, oh.
Our love is a strong love baby, we give it all and still and still receive
An so with empty arms we must still believe.
All souls last forever, so we need never fear good-bye.
A kiss and I must go.
No tears. In time we kiss, hello.