“Art is random. It compels and completes you. It's the feeling you get when you want to make something out of the things rattling around in your head. Art gets energy from imagination and inspiration, some passion and a spark of an idea, pens and paper, a camera, a computer, a melody, that and friends and ya, something new gets made and becomes part of the world.” Gina grew up the only girl of 5 in a blue-collar family in a small mining town called Hibbing in Northern Minnesota. She put on neighborhood variety shows to make money for school and got spanked more than anybody else with Dad's black paddle. Her parents sent her to Catholic School for her own good. Her Mom was a jazz-singing tap dancer, monster poet and activist. Her Father was a visionary broadcaster. Gina sang in high school musicals like Sweet Charity and West Side Story, sold radio adverting, wrote jingles, studied art and opera at the College of St. Scholastica and performed in Show Bands and Bar Bands in the Midwest. Gina lives in Orlando, Florida and runs her own company called Idea Works STUDIOS.